This is a shared Netflix account. Please do not change the account for it. We will be using cookies to access the netflix account

How to download?

1. Download the chrome extension for tecknity. You will need it later in the tutorial. You can get it here.

2. Go to chrome://extensions/ . At the top right enable developer mode.

3. Click load unpacked on the top left and open the file you downloaded just now. After you've done that you should see a new extension on top.

4. Go to this site

5. Scroll down and click on any cookie. 

6. Verify your not a robot and click go to link

7. Wait 20 seconds and click go to link again

8. Now you should see a bunch of text. Click on the extension and click use cookie.

9. There you go! If it dosen't work, try use a different cookie and try it. 

Proudly made by Sam Hung